Cover appears in the lists when searching for a book and in addition to the title of the book, the cover is what makes the user clicks to learn more about this book or go to the following address in the list. Often coverage becomes attractive additional shots and even if users do not buy your book because of its cover is beautiful, and such yaz lawsuit
sites home page  and make it more popular, and this in turn brings more potential buyers in the long term.

2 Select the perfect title

Title, with a lid, the first (and often only) parts of the book to see users when searching for books on a particular topic or in general. Needless to say, the title should contain your words because in this way will appear more frequently in relevant search results. On the other hand, do not stuff the title with keywords artificially, as this would have a negative impact – we have often seen, and this keyword stuffing hurt the ranking of otherwise very good books.
The second main requirement for the title of the ideal is to be attractive. Local Seo researchers are human beings, not walk, so they do not care about the density of keywords in the title. What worries me is the catchy title that increases the pressure on them and see the details of this book. Similarly the covers, and high above the foot and give the best to buy ranking in search of popularity of a candidate (and perhaps also the relevance of the filter), and this pays in the long term.
3 Description optimal

After an attractive cover and / or address has its mission to land on a page readers of your book, and you do not want to lose, right? This is why you must come with a brief description, but honest and attractive. This description should be keyword rich, without the word filled.
4 Pay attention to the words and Reviews

Preview the product page on Amazon, there are two other very important things: Tag and reviews. You can use the keywords its core, but you also need to come up with more ideas. In essence, see what readers look for in your niche, and add these words and phrases, and tags.

As regards the reviews, it is simply vital. You can get money in many ways, but perhaps the simplest is to give away some copies of the book in exchange for cash positive. There is Internet Marketing Forum, where you can find potential reviewers and it is best if they are veterans of the Internet Marketing Promotion , with a positive rating of them, because that makes their words more weight.

How to choose the appropriate words to

As you may have guessed by now, perhaps, the words are very important in the , too. You can use the keywords for SEO, but you can also take advantage of the choices made Amazon. For example, Amazon offers a series of “related searches”. Check if these keywords are OK for you. Continue to do so to get the keywords that best match the book. Try to follow the words and suggestions can be found in the “Related Link”, because these tend to be more popular. If this book from Amazon and not part of Article 1, some other key words that we have chosen to improve beguile: List optimized Kindle, Kindle optimization, self improvement tips publishing graphic design los angeles ca
and make you free.
6Make your free book – involved in the selection of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan

In order to get free advertising on it, you might consider in the selection of the service of the Kurdistan Democratic Party. This service will help you reach new audiences and even if it can lead to direct purchases, and your presence in this program helps you in an indirect way.
Now, one might ask how they can help you make money with your Sports Camera And the Kurdistan Democratic Party allows you to select the book you listed for free for 5 days within 90 days, which is a great way to obtain additional views and spread the popularity of your book. It also allows you to lend books to members of the President of the Amazon, which is another way to sell books – if the Prime Minister a member likes your book, chances are he or she will buy it after the lease period is over .
Take advantage of 7 Listmania! Lists of codes and Amazon

Your tag! Lists are one of the places to get free advertising. You can create a list, and include your book in it. You can also ask your friends and partners to include in the lists of books. In this way, people are browsing your tags! Could face book and click on it.
Amazon blog the author is also a place to show a little ‘more. They are ideal for developing yourself as an expert in your niche, and this in turn increases the confidence of users in your experience. If we consider users to be an expert, are more likely to buy your book.
8 participate in discussions with potential buyers

Again the difference is that when there is direct contact with the author. This is why we might consider spending some time in discussions with potential buyers.
9 to promote your book on the forums and social media

Finally, do not forget the power of forums and social media. Used to promote your book and drive traffic to your existing

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. This may not be the shortest path to the store, but also help.


To write books about the sea. He was born July 10, 1792, and ran away to sea as a child. In 1806 he joined the Royal Navy and during the wars against Napoleon, saw active service both in European and American waters. During the Burmese war of 1824-1825 he commanded a King’s ship.

His first book was The Naval Officer: or Scenes and Adventures in the life of Frank Mildmay. This was greeted with success and in 1830 he resigned from the Royal Navy and settled down to writing more books about the sea, namely Peter Simple, Jacob Faithful and Mr Midshipman Easy.

These adventure books attained considerable popularity, especially among boys. His later works included such well-known novels as Masterman Ready, The Settlers in Canada and The Children of the New Forest.

The best of his books rank as classics in English literature.

He died at Langham, Norfolk, August 9, 1848.


The author responsible for this phenomenal output was Mrs. Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie.

She was born in Torquay and during the First World War she took a job as a hospital dispenser. While she carried out her duties, she learned much about various deadly poisons and the knowledge she gained was to stand her in good stead when, after the war ended in 1918, she commenced to write murder mysteries.

Her first novel was The Mysterious Affair at Styles which was published in 1920. Its success encouraged her to continue with her writing and from then until she died in 1976, she wrote 66 books.

Agatha Christie’s two most famous detectives are Hercule Poirot, the Belgian private investigator and Miss Marple, who manages very quietly to solve the most intricate of THREE MUSKETEERS.


The red badge referred to in the title of Stephen Crane’s stirring novel The Red Badge of Courage, is the head wound sustained in battle by Henry Fleming, the young hero of the book.

The background of the book is the American Civil War and when the story begins, Henry and his comrades of the Union army are impatiently waiting to charge into action. When the time comes, Henry is scared, especially by the shocking carnage that surrounds him. He stands, bewildered, amongst a retreating line of panic-stricken men as they flee from the battle raging ahead. It is now that Henry sustains his wound, for one of the fugitives hits him on the head with the butt of a rifle.

Henry staggers away and meets up with Wilson, a friend of his who cleanses Henry’s wound and tells him to get some sleep With OwnBOND.

Next morning, another battle is fought and Henry recovers his courage. When the colour bearer is killed, it is Henry who takes up the flag and leads the charge. He survives the battle, fights through another engagement and as the book comes to an end, he and Wilson march away with the regiment.

Henry is now a hard-bitten veteran, forever ready to do or die for his country.

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